The best leaders know how to address and resolve conflict tactfully. They do not shy away when facing adversity.


Great leaders always deal with conflict head on.



Leading Beyond Conflict

Being in a leadership role can be perceived as having its perks. The truth is “it is complex” and has many challenges such as managing competing priorities, unmanageable workload and unclear expectations, which results in stress and frustration.

I work with leaders to gain control over their work, to have a voice and to be involved in decision-making. I help you move forward with the vision, values and objectives that are most important to you.  

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I'm Monique.


I am a leadership expert specialized in difficult work environments and conflict resolution, but most importantly, I’m known as the specialist who will get you the results you want.

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What's happening

How conflict is impacting the performance of your business

Conflict is real in organizations. It can derail projects, damage client relationships, lose sales and negatively affect employee productivity.

Research shows that a significant loss of organizational productivity and resources costs $359 billion in paid hours a year.
Harvard Law school
It is estimated that managers spend 25% to 40% of their time dealing with conflict.
Washington Business Journal

Conflict is healthy when managed properly. It signals a need for change.

While conflict is uncomfortable, it can be a source of development, growth and innovation.

Why it's happening

reasons conflict exist

  • Poor performance
  • Negative attitude and drama
  • Power struggles
  • Clash of personalities
  • Stubbornness
Is this Work for you and your team?

This is the service for you

I work with leaders out want to grow their business, have tried to manage their employees and are still:

  • Frustrated by lack of employee productivity (too much side conversations, gossiping, employees not getting their work done)
  • Frustrated by employees’ disrespectful behaviours
  • Unsure on how to address sensitive issues (conflict)
  • Uncomfortable in having tough conversations

If you and your team are experiencing any of these, I’d invite you to schedule some time to discuss this further.

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Lead Beyond Conflict?

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"Monique, I am not sure how to explain it but you have a way of opening my eyes and make me see things differently, you can read me like an open book and this is very scary to me but at the same time so helpful and exciting. From our first meeting, you really made me think about where I wanted to go as a leader, structuring my goals, giving me confidence, tools, asking the right questions and challenging me to think in a way I never had before. This helped me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, this was a game changer! Lightbulb moment! Success! If it was not for you I would not be as good of a leader as I am today. Thank You, for believing in me."

Sylvie Miller

Customer Service Manager

“Monique exceeded our expectations, the interaction she had with the group was impressive.  It didn’t feel like we were over 100 people attending an HR Forum. The workshop was “The Link between Conflict and Personality Types”, she captured everyone’s attention by using humor and hands on approach, I was impressed with Monique and I would recommend her to anyone.  We received nothing but great feedback from our participants.”

Kim Chamberlain

Labor Force Development Officer, Enterprise Chaleur.

Comment from participant: Stress management workshop:  "Definitely recommend the session to colleagues because of the facilitator’s (Monique) wisdom, creativity and approach."

Participant C.