Lead beyond conflict through

what it means to lead beyond conflict.

When leaders are confident in their leadership skills, they’re also confident in knowing how to get themselves, their team and their company to where they want it to be.

In the midst of working with others and the conflict that comes with that, it’s much easier to align your corporate objectives and your team when your priorities and vision are clear, and when everyone learns to lead beyond conflict.

Sometimes people can be paralyzed or consumed with their thoughts when faced with conflict. Almost always, your fears are much greater than the actual outcome.

Problems we’ll solve.

  • Lack of clarity around vision, objectives, roles and responsibilities.
  • Employee disengagement, lack of productivity.
  • Dysfunctional work teams, unclear communication.
  • Work conflicts—working with difficult work environment or situations (bullying, harassment, drama, and gossip)

How we’ll solve them.

  • Coaching and guiding the leadership team to better manage work units, establish and implement the right goals, and deal with employee conflict and resistance.
  • Teaching the leaders to be more confident in how they manage and address difficulties.
  • Helping the leaders create healthier work environments and relationships which builds more engagement and team cohesiveness.
  • And finally, guiding leaders to overcome uncertainty around the “how’s” of conflict resolution and addressing the fears that present themselves.

While speaking your truth during a difficult conversation can be terrifying, when done right, you’ll feel lighter and experience more freedom, regardless of the outcome.


  • Going from being overwhelmed and feeling disorganized to feeling focused and having clarity
  • Leading with confidence
  • Increased employee accountability
  • Employees working on the “right things”
  • Communication is easy and effortless
  • Leaders are focused and disciplined

You and your leaders will easily navigate through the tough situations and conversations, as well as confidently make sound decisions due to your newly attained leadership and communication skills.

You will lead with vision, values and objectives that are deeply important to you and your team.

You’ll finally have solutions to many of the problems you are facing.

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"Monique, I am not sure how to explain it but you have a way of opening my eyes and make me see things differently, you can read me like an open book and this is very scary to me but at the same time so helpful and exciting. From our first meeting, you really made me think about where I wanted to go as a leader, structuring my goals, giving me confidence, tools, asking the right questions and challenging me to think in a way I never had before. This helped me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, this was a game changer! Lightbulb moment! Success! If it was not for you I would not be as good of a leader as I am today. Thank You, for believing in me."

Sylvie Miller

Customer Service Manager

“Monique exceeded our expectations, the interaction she had with the group was impressive.  It didn’t feel like we were over 100 people attending an HR Forum. The workshop was “The Link between Conflict and Personality Types”, she captured everyone’s attention by using humor and hands on approach, I was impressed with Monique and I would recommend her to anyone.  We received nothing but great feedback from our participants.”

Kim Chamberlain

Labor Force Development Officer, Enterprise Chaleur.

Comment from participant: Stress management workshop:  "Definitely recommend the session to colleagues because of the facilitator’s (Monique) wisdom, creativity and approach."

Participant C.